Our commitment to innovation

Moody delivers a simple, intuitive, and insightful solution for watch users seeking a quick and effective solution to log and analyse their emotions. As a team, we explored the unique advantages and creative freedom that self-funding brought to the design and development of the product. Without the need for extensive partner approvals, our team could iterate rapidly, fine-tuning features and addressing nuances promptly with an unwavering focus on the end user.

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Effortless emotion capture

With a single tap, record how you’re feeling at any moment. Whether happy, sad, angry, or something else, Moody makes it effortless to capture your mood instantly.

Mood patterns unveiled

Moody empowers users to review their emotional journey over days, weeks, or even months at a glance. By unveiling patterns, users gain insights into what influences their moods, fostering self-awareness and informed emotional decision-making.

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“While creating the Moody app, we got to experience just how versatile modern tools like Jetpack Compose and Firebase's Cloud Firestore can be across a range of form factors.”
Luke Morris
Android developer, Rant

Always accessible, never intrusive

Moody does one thing and does it exceptionally well. It resides on your watch, always accessible, never intrusive.

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A step towards better mental health

This free app is more than a mood tracker; it’s your companion in taking simple yet significant steps towards understanding and improving your mental health.

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“Working on Moody gave us a great opportunity to further explore Apple's CloudKit, which allows us to automatically and securely sync encrypted user data between their devices to enhance the user's experience.”
Rhys Morgan
iOS developer, Rant