Increasing communication between site and client sign off.

The Dale app seamlessly connects their customer contact centre to their mobile workforce, keeping their engineers on top of their planned jobs and allowing them to provide exceptional customer service to their blue chip clients.

Partnering with huge commercial brands such as, Lidl, Aldi and FedEx, through the property maintenance app for Android, Dale can track their workforce in real time, giving their engineers the power to pick up jobs on the go 24 hours a day.

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man completing property maintenance
property maintenance app screen showing job sheet
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property maintenance app screen showing job details

Real-time tracking for optimal use

Engineers can increase their availability for additional jobs by using the mobile app to record their start and end times for the day, as well as to track the start and stop times for each individual job. These real-time updates, provided directly through the app, enable Dale to effectively manage and optimise their workforce. By leveraging this data, Dale can quickly identify available engineers, and maximise their efficiency in assigning nearby jobs to them.

time sheet for property maintenance app development

Functionality over brand aesthetics

In the process of project discovery, it became clear that Dale’s workforce placed great importance on the functionality and accessibility of the app. Since the app was meant for internal use, there was no need to create a custom user interface (UI) for marketing purposes. Instead, we used Android material design components to enhance the familiarity and intuitiveness of the app, thereby improving its usability for the team at Dale.

Serving multiple users

Client feedback can be logged on the app, this serves the Dale workforce as well as their paying clients. Capturing the clients, ‘finger drawn’, signature marks a job as complete.

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Photo storage, document library and expenses

Optimising the process of cost recovery, engineers can capture receipts directly within the app when purchasing materials for a job. These digital receipts are instantly accessible, allowing for quick and efficient inclusion in the job invoice. This seamless integration ensures that cost recovery is maximised with minimal effort. Photos and documents can also be easily attached to a job, enabling the Dale workforce to have everything they need all in one place.

property maintenance android app documents screen
property maintenance app screens displaying building materials

Integrating to a live bespoke platform

Changing existing infrastructure can be daunting, with our integrations, this process was seamless.

None of the Dale teams (including customer services, engineering, billing, payroll, and more) needed to change any part of their operation to accommodate the new app in the Dale environment. By developing a new API that integrates the new app with Dale’s existing infrastructure, known as DALEFLOW, we ensured a smooth alignment of the new app with all the established processes and procedures within the Dale team.

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digital illustration of Dales software