Dramatically cutting clinicians’ admin workload

It could be several hours before patient notes are in the system, the platform now cuts that time down to around 16 minutes. 

This project is one that we’re so proud of. Direct patient care times can now be increased and by consequence the morale of national health service staff boosted. The transcribers are not only quick at note taking, they also decrease grammatical errors, meaning patient notes are now more readable across the board.

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The challenge

We worked with SSSFT (South Staffordshire and Shropshire NHS Foundation Trust) to tackle the burden of paperwork by making clinical notes quicker and easier to record. Made by clinicians and other health professionals, concise notes serve to document an individual’s assessment and treatment and can facilitate a retrospective review of the person’s health and care history. Clinical notes are a vital part of a health record but they can take a long time to type and may sometimes be needed before a clinician can commit them into the system.

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App transcribing patient notes

Following a patient appointment, clinicians can quickly dictate their notes aloud. Each recording is secured and automatically queued up for transcription by a dedicated team, turning the audio files into text notes that are added to a patient’s health record.

nhs recording app visual close up

By integrating notifications, the app completes the process and notifies the clinician by SMS when the transcription is finished.

“The great thing about working with the team at Rant is that whatever they said they’d do, they did”
Pete Kendal
Associate director, IM&T Development, SSSFT