Simplifying an IT recycling service, rewarding customers and the environment.

Our multi award-winning ‘Stone 360’ IT recycling mobile app development aligns customer satisfaction with Stone Group’s business needs, resulting in an optimised collection process that manages asset disposal within an easy to use app.

Not only are customers now able to take control of their IT business waste, we’ve made it easier to track their personal sustainability goals and record their progress towards reducing their carbon footprint.

An enhanced customer experience was always at the forefront of the project journey. Disposing of e-waste needed to be dramatically faster and easier for customers. The app has revolutionised Stone Group’s recycling process and made managing end-of-life tech simple.


App downloads


Trees planted

Over 1,500,000

Units of unwanted IT collected


Earned in rebates

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Understanding the problem

Stone Group has assisted thousands of organisations, managing and disposing of broken, old or redundant IT assets in order to change the technology landscape. However Stone’s original processes were very manual and time consuming for their logistics team. 

Stone’s processes needed to be optimised and simplified – that’s where we came in! The customer journey needed to give users the ability to create, manage and view all their recycling content in one place.

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user flows for IT recycling mobile app development

Transforming the booking process

Entering business data, auditing old tech and managing a collection process can be time consuming. After analysing Stone’s customer journey we developed a stepped booking journey, eliminating known friction points and lightening the mental workload on the user.

computer collection app weight

We’ve taken an existing complex collection process spanning multiple business touch points, and created a beautifully crafted and highly engaging app experience that has been phenomenally commercially successful for Stone Group.

Keeping users informed at every step

Giving users a sense of control by providing collection updates was key. Clear information hierarchy, paired with strong iconography and colour, allows users to know the exact status of their collections at any time.

collection status UI for mobile app development IT recycling
push notification for mobile app development IT recycling by Rant agency

Rewarding customer loyalty

Introducing a ‘Virtual Woodland’ visually expresses the app’s greater value. With every collection made, the user earns points. A ‘360 boost’ feature increases the value of the points, and unlocks the ability to buy new or refurbished tech from Stone. Trees are planted in partnership with National Forest & Ecologi for every purchase. 

Gamification takes this app to the next level, increasing user engagement, and allowing our team to show their passion for crafted, bespoke app UI.

Man earning loyalty points converted to spending for IT recycling app
“The Virtual Woodland adds an element of fun to app whilst visualising customers' contributions to helping the environment. It’s a whimsical detour from the form-style screens seen throughout the app.”
James Addyman
Lead iOS Developer, Rant
gamification illustrations for mobile app development IT recycling
two men planting trees

Accessing new markets

We support our partners through their app growth. For Stone Group, this meant introducing additional app exposure into international markets. We updated the app to support four major regions across mainland Europe. This is more than ‘just’ translating the apps; UI adjustments were made to accommodate language changes as well as tailoring specific features to cultural differences, such as currency.

Innovation from regulation – keeping ahead of the industry

When Stone Group needed to adapt to new industry regulations, this presented a great opportunity for us to help them get ahead of their competitors. Going beyond the basic regulation requirements, we updated the app to present the customer with asset specific questions. This not only enabled Stone Group to more clearly identify assets, it also enabled them to give their customers a more detailed breakdown of costs and rebates for their collection items. This was a win win for Stone and their customers.

Grading items screen for IT recycling app

A beautifully crafted design system

Interpreting brand guidelines and creating consistent UI elements is key to a great user experience. We build design systems that grow with our partners across their products, future proofing, and creating a consistent visual language. Our team created usable components for Stone that help to communicate and strengthen their collection journey.

design system for IT recycling app mobile app development
“Rant helped us develop an iOS/Android mobile application that integrates with our internal systems and APIs to deliver the best customer experience possible. We’ve outstanding reviews in the App and Google Play Stores. Their passion for the project stood out from day one. It’s fantastic.”
Jack Woolman
Director of Sales Operations, Stone