Connecting brokers to their risk data, team contacts, products and services on the go.

Allianz, the world’s largest insurer, provides a full range of unique end-to-end risk solutions for large corporations globally. 

Using our bespoke cloud-based platform, Allianz administrators can update their content via a bespoke content management system allowing content to be viewed by brokers using our native iOS and Android apps in the US.

This enhanced insurance broker app development gives access to product sheets and risk appetites for every line of business and service, contact information for key members of the organisation, latest reports and video content from the company.

The app also serves as a powerful tool for Allianz employees, driving engagement and increased satisfaction in the Allianz brand.

account creation screen for insurance broker app
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contact filter screen for iOS and Android app
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web portal screen for adding documents to allianz app

Understanding the problem

Allianz were seeking development options for their existing web and hybrid mobile app. Significant enhancements were needed in order to build on its success and add important new capabilities for Allianz colleagues, brokers and clients.

Alignment with their brand, the app provides easy and accessible ways for users to obtain in-depth structured risk data, company information, corporate contact, news and report documents.

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User roles and management

The need to introduce user roles was apparent when analysing the platform requirements; Admin users, Allianz staff, Brokers and Unregistered users, all needed to be catered for. By defining strict user roles we were able to manage features and access to the app based on user needs.

allianz broker app registration screen menu
allianz web portal UI

Online and offline access

There are no limitations to accessing information wherever or whenever – The mobile app is fully available offline, with PDF documents being downloadable to an in-app document library for offline viewing. 

The app is bundled with initial content and, when online, periodically checks for updates. The user is able to check for updates using native capabilities like ‘pull to refresh’ or it can take place in the background without any interaction.

Insurance broker app screen developed by Rant agency
“Our extensible CMS solution for Allianz allows us complete flexibility in adding new features or functionality as required. Custom management of video assets, with automatic thumbnail generation, makes admin management incredibly easy." 

Terry Butler
Senior Solutions Architect, Rant

Scheduled content updates

The web platform was developed to include a ‘draft’ publishing feature for safely preparing content for sign off, before pushing to the mobile apps. With many contributors to the web app, this allows content to be signed off, and either strategically scheduled for future release or published right away.

The product and insurance information structures in this industry are very complex and key to our role at Rant was organising and restructuring the hierarchy of data to deliver a platform that is both intuitive and easy to navigate. Our solution brings simplicity and speed to a growing service within a critical global business.

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“Very methodical, kept to deadlines, great communications, responded to feedback. Their expertise and ability to deliver within time and budget set them apart. We were impressed by their creativity and solution-oriented approach.”
Emil Janssens
Global Head of Marketing & Communications, Allianz