Fostering collaboration between brands and influencers, producing marketing campaigns that are seamless.

A tool catering to an array of businesses, from small independents to large multinational chains, providing a cost-effective and time-saving solution to launch potent marketing campaigns. With a staggering 85% of brand representatives finding it difficult to secure suitable influencers, Socialight emerges as a saviour, fulfilling a burgeoning market demand.

The platform grants easy access to a pool of talented content creators ready to narrate a brand’s story to a like-minded audience, simplifying the once arduous task of finding the right influencer.

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Discovering core user needs

Tasked with designing every facet of the Socialight platform, we left no stone unturned. The initial discovery workshops were an integral part of the overall vision. In person collaborative sessions, between our team and key Socialight stakeholders, took place on multiple occasions to identify the core user needs and opportunities for success for the brand.

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Engagement at every touch point

From the mobile app for influencers to the web app for businesses and the Socialight team, we reinvented a once cumbersome process. We transformed it into a fluid, intuitive experience, making every step — from content creation to approval and publication — a breeze. Our adept design capabilities not only streamlined operations but ensured engagement at every level with the touch of a button, clearly showcasing our unparalleled skills in creating digital products that resonate and excel.

Technology meets efficiency

Central to Socialight is the smartphone app, a hub where thousands of influencers converge to create agency-standard marketing campaigns without the hefty price tag. We’ve simplified tasks that once took weeks, encapsulating them into straightforward processes.

Onboarding new audiences

Creating a personalised experience often means discovering information about a user before taking them into a product. During user registration we onboard Socialight users with a series of questions about themselves and their preferences to create a tailored experience surfacing brands they aim to work with.

Simple but powerful

Orchestrating social campaigns can bring many headaches. The Socialight business dashboard gives total control to the brand owners, allowing them to create campaigns, view applicants, and continue marketing their brand’s story with ease.

Business Administration

Registered business management can all be handled from the Socialight Admin dashboard. Viewing businesses, campaigns and influencers gives Socialight key insights into the platform as a whole.

Crafting the full UX journey

Harnessing a brand’s potential and crafting the full journey of a platform is our sweet spot. When we were approached by Socialight, their brand didn’t have a visual language or a digital presence. Through getting to know their brand values and product vision we designed the whole platform; from mobile app through to admin and business dashboards, eradicating the complications and costs traditionally associated with influencer marketing.

“Socialight is a testament to our passion as a UX team, it was a welcomed challenge to design each and every part of the platform. From the intricacies of their brand assets to the complex journeys of their users, every part was designed with their core user needs in mind. It’s a beautiful piece of work.”
Amy Thorne
Creative Director, Rant