Elevating financial literacy through playful learning.

Discover how we created “Dylan’s Den,” a captivating iOS and Android app for Principality Building Society. This engaging game, starring Dylan the Welsh dragon, educates children about money and savings through exciting adventures. With delightful animations and two financial education mini-games, we transformed learning into fun, all without in-app purchases or real money involvement.


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Tailoring experiences for multiple users

Explore the features of “Dylan’s Den,” where children can nurture their dragon companion. Multiple profiles cater to families, while tasks like washing and feeding Dylan foster a sense of responsibility. Gamification elements, including badges and daily coin surprises, encourage consistent and extended engagement.

Proven user engagement

See the impact of our work in the app’s impressive ratings. “Dylan’s Den” boasts a 4.8/5 rating on the App Store and 3.9/5 on the Play Store, with over 10K downloads. Our focus on user engagement strategies paid off.

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Expertise in gamification

Learn about the gamification elements in “Dylan’s Den,” including badges for task completion and daily usage streaks. Surprise coin gifts ensure users return regularly, deepening their connection with the app.

Streamlining customer experiences

Our second solution was a custom iPad “kiosk” app designed to be used in Principality Building Society branches. This app simplifies access to savings and mortgage product information, enhancing the in-branch customer journey.

Entertainment for young visitors

We also extended the “Dylan’s Den” experience with a “kiosk” app version, entertaining children while their parents conducted business in the branch. Our holistic approach improved both education and customer experience.

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”Their creativity and expertise make it worth giving them the latitude to work independently, propose new methodologies, and influence the end product, even if you initially have a clear idea of what you’re looking for”
Natalie Manson-Jones
Digital Content Marketing Manager, Principality Building Society