A promotion platform within the welsh tv and film industry. Run by the industry, for the industry.

Unlocking the global potential of the film and TV industry in Wales, the SAW website development supports and promotes the growth of Welsh talent. The diverse list of members that now sit within SAW’s production directory is accessible to all UK and international production companies with a simple sign up.

Our bespoke cloud-based platform, with web app and content management system, gives freedom to SAW administrators when needing to manage new site members and publish the latest industry content, and the public user site is an encouraging space for students, companies and professionals to market their industry skills.


Registered user growth since launch

screen alliance wales website homepage
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Understanding the problem

Screen Alliance Wales needed a website that helps focus on developing industry skills, attracting new investments and building a sustainable community for the future. Their web presence needed a level up!

We recognised that their existing Admin console was challenging to use and needed to be simplified and tailored to their specific task workflows within user management. Their brand presence needed to be enhanced to reflect the fast paced excitement of the TV and film industry, and public users needed to feel informed and guided when onboarding into the SAW community, and creating their profiles to reduce drop off.

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Making onboarding simple

What once was a long scrolling page of input fields, is now a guided onboarding experience taking the user through the registration process to set up their user profile. This improved UX breaks down the tasks into smaller more manageable steps, increasing completion rates, reducing errors and improving the user engagement with the platform.

inituitive website screens for user registration
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An app to support a growing production directory

The directory is a database of verified user information that surfaces the talent in Wales to potential employers. When a new production starts in Wales the Screen Alliance Wales production directory is the first port of call for building a crew.  Filmmakers and producers can quickly and easily search for Welsh screen professionals across a range of disciplines, including producers, directors, writers and crew members, giving the SAW community full control to promote their professional expertise within the industry.

A robust admin console

During the lifetime of a user account, admins can perform multiple tasks from a central console. From approving and verifying users, as well as promoting graduates to professional crew, through to publishing events and job vacancies.  The SAW staff can now confidently perform these tasks with ease.

We seamlessly migrated 2000 users from SAWs previous systems into the new environment. Users were introduced to the beautiful new site by simply changing their password in order to complete their migration.

admin console for film and screen industry website

Fully flexible CMS powering a front end website

Enabling SAW admins to manage their public facing website content was key to the growth of the SAW community. We built a bespoke cloud-based platform, based on microservices, to ensure a scalable and flexible solution using small independent components. Introducing a headless CMS, gives full flexibility to SAW content creators and developers to work together seamlessly.

The CMS provides an intuitive interface for the admin team to manage content. The modular design system we created ensures the public facing website can grow and evolve while still maintaining its ease of use and manageability for the admin team.

screen alliance wales content management system

A modular design system and custom brand assets

Branded UI components create a more engaging, visually appealing, and memorable user experience for the SAW community, while also reinforcing the brand identity and creating a consistent look and feel across the site. These are the details we’re passionate about.

iconography for screen alliance wales website
brand guidelines for website development
“When we relaunched the website, our traffic went up dramatically. The quality is excellent, and their team is very proactive and reactive. They work within the budget and are always reachable. If anything happens, they respond quickly. Moreover, they’ve stayed with us on this journey to expand the website.”
Allison Dowzell
Managing Director, Screen Alliance Wales