Interactive eLearning apps making music theory and sight reading practice more engaging and enjoyable.

Whether you’re preparing for an exam or simply honing your skills, the practice apps are a comprehensive learning resource developed for the UK’s largest music education body, and the world’s leading provider of music exams. 

The three unique, paid apps, Music Theory Trainer, Piano sight reading trainer, and violin Sight Reading Trainer sit within a suite of ABRSM branded apps empowering students to develop their skills, track their progress and feel part of the vibrant music community.


Unique training tools


Questions to answer


Candidates taking ABRSM exams each year

Integrating with an extensive knowledge base

Each app houses over 5000+ questions and sits within 6 key question types; make a sentence, multiple choice, placement on the stave, matching pairs, boolean and correct ordering. Users answer questions via drag and drop UI mechanics or a simple tap to answer.

To overcome the challenge of incorporating diverse question types, and multiple answers, into the app, we engineered a customised import tool. This tool transformed the data from spreadsheets into a compatible format for seamless integration. As a result, the entire process was streamlined, greatly enhancing efficiency.

piona tuition

Gamification that drives engagement and app retention

The app offers a series of sight-reading and theory exercises, with varying grades of difficulty. We created progressive app UI creating a sense of achievement and challenge for users. Virtual achievements are rewarded by completing specific milestones as well as level ups and content unlocks. Layers of gamification throughout the 3 apps enhance user engagement and learning retention as well as app enjoyment.

app development screen abrsm

Creating a digital style guide for product growth

From proving we can create great digital experiences, ABRSM approached us to curate a digital style guide for their brand. This guide would be used to educate their partners on how the ABRSM brand should be presented across their digital products. This also included how their app icons should look across their suite of apps.

style guide development by Rant agency design for abrsm

Detailed quality assurance testing

When creating educational resources, there is a responsibility to provide factually accurate materials. We combatted this challenge by developing a question capture tool that created an image of every question within the educational apps so they could be checked for inconsistencies of layout or incorrect answers.

abrsm question id screen
automated testing screen abrsm app

Growing an existing suite of apps

It’s not unusual that some of our partners have existing apps within their brand. Our 3 ABRSM apps sit within their storefronts amongst many other apps and practice tools.

ABRSM app icons
“The app meets all of the functionality requirements. Rant is communicative and proactive; their fixes have exceeded expectations for thoroughness. Customers can expect to work with a highly organised and capable team.”
Melanie Powell
Digital product owner, ABRSM