Navigating complexity and enhancing user experience

At Rant, our passion lies in transforming complex processes into seamless digital experiences that enhance efficiency and security. Our collaboration with Thales exemplifies this commitment, as we embarked on a journey to replace intricate spreadsheets with an innovative iOS tablet app. Despite the confidential nature of the project, we’re excited to share the essence of our collaboration and the transformative impact it brought to Thales.

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The challenge

The existing workflow at Thales revolved around a multitude of complex spreadsheets, each housing multiple tabs. While effective, this process proved cumbersome, error-prone, and challenging for newcomers to grasp. Replicating the functionality of the existing process while simplifying it to create an intuitive user experience was a formidable challenge. The stakes were high, considering the sensitive nature of the data the app would be processing.

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Workshop collaborations and solution formulation

Our collaboration kicked off with insightful workshops that brought the Rant and Thales teams together. These workshops were pivotal in understanding the intricate nuances of Thales’ operations, as well as their specific requirements for the new app. The dynamic discussions allowed us to align our creative and technical expertise with Thales’ unique needs, setting the stage for a transformative solution.

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Tailored iOS tablet app development

With a comprehensive understanding of Thales’ requirements, our team dove into the development phase with enthusiasm. The iOS tablet app we crafted was tailored to streamline processes, ensure data accuracy, be capable of functioning without an internet connection, and provide a secure environment for sensitive information. Our focus on user-centric design allowed us to maintain efficiency while simplifying complex procedures.

Prioritising data protection

Given the highly sensitive nature of the app’s data, security was paramount. We diligently integrated advanced security protocols, ensuring that Thales’ confidential information remained safeguarded throughout its lifecycle within the app. Our commitment to security extended to every aspect of the development process, from architecture design to user authentication.

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A fulfilling experience and an outstanding app

Throughout the development journey, our team relished the opportunity to tackle the complexity of the application and create a secure solution that aligned with Thales’ needs. The collaboration with Thales’ dedicated team was enriching, reflecting our shared commitment to excellence and innovation. The final iOS tablet app emerged as a testament to our collaborative efforts, offering a secure, efficient, and user-friendly alternative to the previous intricate spreadsheets.

The Thales project is just one of the many ways we’re shaping the digital landscape. From replacing complexity with simplicity to ensuring data security, we’re committed to crafting experiences that matter.

“[Rant] worked quickly and provided promising results. [T]hey have met every deadline. They kept the project on task in the face of potential scheduling hurdles, through exceptional project management.”
Alex Tarter
CTO Cyber & Consulting, Thales