Connecting drivers to their vehicles

Our partnership with Aston Martin highlights the passion and capability of our team. The app demanded an obsessive focus on UX, security and brand awareness as you would expect with such a prestigious organisation. We worked with key stakeholders across numerous internal teams to craft a connected car app experience spanning a vast feature set and integrating seamlessly with existing Aston Martin system infrastructure.

A connected strategy

When Aston Martin wanted to make their first ever electric car – the Rapide E – they chose Rant as the agency to develop the connected car companion app. The app was engineered to be a foundational product not just for the Rapide E, but also as part of their wider technology roadmap.

The application needed to be frictionless and have a luxurious feel to reflect Aston Martin’s positioning as a high-end luxury brand. Scalability and security were vital – the app would provide a consistent user experience for their customers into other product lines whilst gaining consumer confidence and trust.

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app icon aston martin Connected car app development
“Aston Martin take incredible care and attention over every detail - every piston, panel and stitch in their vehicles needs to be perfect. We take the same approach with all our work, crafting experiences that deliver delight and drive engagement.”
Anton Faulconbridge
CEO, Rant

An app to manage EV charging on the go

Locating charging stations and monitoring charging sessions in real time was a core feature. This ensures the car owner saves time and optimises the power consumption of their vehicle to drive efficiently for optimal performance – an electric sports car with no charge is not an ideal scenario!

ev charging Connected car app development

Real time vehicle integrations

Whether the vehicle has a flat tyre, a door open, or has been driven unknowingly the owner has to be made aware. We worked collaboratively with Aston Martin’s development engineers to build a software solution that kept drivers up to date; integrating directly into the live data provided by the vehicle. This was then visually displayed in many features of the app, carefully considering the state management across multiple design assets.

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Custom animations and haptics that compliment the brand

Animations and haptics (tactile response feedback) are a great way to supplement the UX and UI of a mobile app when considered carefully as part of an experience. We created a suite of bespoke assets that would support the user messaging at various stages of onboarding and in-app.

The animations were very carefully considered, everything from placement to animation speed and effects, so as not to interfere with the app’s main purpose.

“Their professionalism, approach and project management skills have all supported their commitment to the success of the project.”
Martin Thirlaway
Manager Connected Car, Audio & Switchgear, Aston Martin Lagonda