Empowering a younger generation of drivers offering flexibility to their lifestyle.

Selling over 3 million policies, the Veygo (by Admiral) challenges the traditional car insurance market by allowing drivers to purchase short term car insurance and be on the road in minutes.

Veygo came to us asking for their current app to be developed in a way that could be extended for their product roadmap. The brief was a ‘like for like’ rebuild of the existing mobile experience. However, when reviewing that experience, we knew there were opportunities for advancement that couldn’t be missed.

By restructuring the existing purchase flow we were able to dramatically increase conversion rates – significantly reducing the steps to purchase in the process. Alongside this, we comprehensively improved the UX (user experience) providing a completely reworked user interface throughout the mobile app.

3 million +

Policies created

700,000 +

Customers and growing


App Store rating

Over 99%

Crash free across both iOS and Android

starting a new quote screen for car app
woman smiling in drivers seat of car
duration screen for automotive insurance app
face id screen for mobile car insurance app
young male scrolling on mobile phone whilst leaning against car
account details screen for automotive insurance app

Understanding the problem

The Veygo team were ready for a rebuild. The extensibility and scalability of the existing app had reached its limits, but Veygo’s plans for the future certainly have not. Their existing mobile app had many usability issues that prevented customers from seamlessly purchasing short-term car insurance.

For many drivers, this mobile app would be their first experience of purchasing car insurance.  The app needed to reach larger audiences with a vastly improved customer experience to support young drivers.

veygo logo
mobile app screens being designed freehand
multiple flexible car insurance app screens
whiteboard with post it note ideas
mobile app screens for car insurance app developed at Rant Agency

Supporting multiple user types

We have extensive experience across many industries – including fintech – however, every product is unique. Understanding the market and researching user needs forms the core of any brief – and Veygo was no different! 

Whether they are learning to drive, insuring their own car or borrowing someone else’s, we tailored custom user journeys for each scenario. Our focus on detail ensured that countless edge cases were catered for, ensuring a positive experience for all users.

young woman using app developed for car insurance company

Onboarding and supporting new drivers

Successful onboarding is not only knowing what information needs to be collected, but how that information is communicated to the user. Aligning with Veygo’s tone of voice, we introduced primer screens, handy tips and progress screens into the app experience to guide users through the purchase process.

driving licence validation screen for iOS and android app
information screen UI for car insurance app developed by Rant Agency
iOS and Android app screens for car insurance app development

We’ve reduced the number of screens from 24 to 10, resulting in a significant decrease in the time and steps required to purchase a quote.

woman looking at mobile phone
onboarding quote details for car insurance app

Seamless integration

No one wants to reinvent the wheel so integrating into existing platforms is often key to the successful delivery of a product and Veygo was no exception.

Creating a successful communication channel between us and their technical team was critical to the success of the various integrations required in the app from bespoke Veygo infrastructure to carefully selected third party products and payment gateways.

payment screen for iOS and android mobile app car insurance
Payment screen with apple pay

Temporary policies on the go

We understand the challenges associated with rebuilding an existing app that already has a significant number of users, so we developed a strategic transition plan that allowed a seamless switch for Veygo’s customer base. With 90% of their customers’ devices very quickly updating to the new app, their customers can get on the road in minutes, having access to all of the policies right in their pocket.

young woman choosing car insurance duration on app
“Working on the Veygo app has been, and continues to be, a great experience. The Veygo team are great to work with and exploring the highly regulated world of short-term car insurance has been really interesting. We've successfully reimagined an existing product, enhancing functionality, user experience, and adding exciting new features. The outstanding results and ongoing development make this a really rewarding product to be involved with.”
Gwen Vaughan
Product Director, Rant
slecting car screen for temporary car insurance app