Sustaining the BBC brand reputation and integrity

With a population of over 3 million people, this was a big challenge, but not one that we shied away from. The BBC Cymru Fyw app features the top stories and latest headlines from 8am daily, has a magazine section, a live blog and access to listen to live BBC radio. 

The project was a huge collaboration within the public service broadcaster, bringing together the expertise, knowledge and content for the BBC news app development.

bbc news app development article screen

The challenge

BBC Cymru Wales, appointed us to make an accessible mobile app that would deliver their online service for Welsh language, BBC Cymru Fyw, to the broadest reach of people. We took it upon ourselves to immerse our team into the welsh language and communities that the app would be reaching.

bbc cymru fyw logo
video content UI visual for BBC app development
BBC article visual for news app development
young woman showing older woman phone
bbc app filter screen

Dynamic news feeds

The user experience was essential when pulling in multiple feeds from many different sources. We focussed on accessibility making  sure the visual format of each piece was easy to digest to target the maximum number of people nationwide.

Extending the BBC brand

The app needed to feel like an extension of the BBC brand. We made sure the visual design of the app could sit within the BBC’s suite of existing mobile apps, reflecting their established colour palette, typography and iconography style.

BBC news app icon
“It’s essential the service be available on all devices and is easy to use. Making the best use of technology in a world where information is driven by mobile device, so we are very proud to unveil this exciting new app”
Sian Gwynedd
Head of Welsh Language Programmes & Services, BBC Cymru Wales